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General rules of website

Ladies and gentlemen’s!
Welcome to, personal website of russian trader and analyst Sergey Shishkin. is not only the financial market forecasts - mainly a platform on which communicate people with a wide variety of views and beliefs. Please be polite and respect others, their work and opinions.

All information on this website provided for informational purposes only and it is not a recommendation for action. The author of website does not guarantee the correctness of calculations and assumes no responsibility for your investment decision.

On the website permitted:
- criticize the author, his forecasts and views on the market;
- engage in a discussion with the author and other users;
- publish own opinion on the market, by use charts and other necessary materials;
- submit proposals for development of website.

Warning! The author of website agrees with repost of any materials placed on, if such a repost has a reference that linked to original source.

On the website prohibited:
- disrespect to the author, users, or other people, including the author's colleagues;
- use expletive, flood, trolling, spamming
- publish any materials that violates the laws, including copyright;
- promote other resources by publish the links, that do not follow the logic of the discussion;
- blame and claim from someone for losses incurred as a result of own investment decisions.

Website not a place for political battles, Blog Zmey brings together people who wants to earn in the financial markets, by not divide them based on political beliefs. On the website only allowed discussion on the subject of political economy.

The cases of violation of the rules will be punished by warning, temporary or permanent ban on the discretion of the administration.